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Battery Replacement Service

Battery Replacement Service Address:

(The below company only provides battery replacement service only. Please contact us on the Contact Us page if other customer service is needed)

A & A Merchandising Inc.
3820 Del Amo Blvd.,
Ste.#218 Torrance, CA90503, USA

USA phone number for battery replacement: (310) 320-9811

Battery Replacement Service Charges:

Battery Replacement charge is US$10.00 (include battery replacement and set up) plus Return Postage flat rate charge of US$10.00


Battery not included. Call us for the cost of a battery. Watch Care

Duration of the limited warranty

This limited warranty, which is provided by lasts for two (2) years from the date the Watch was purchased.

What is covered?

The internal watch movement, case, crystal glass, buttons and crown are warranted to be free from defects.

What is not covered?

This limited warranty does not cover

  • battery cells.
  • if there is evidence of excessive wear and worn, due to improper, rough or careless treatment, fire or other natural calamity to the case, crystal, attachments (expansion bands, straps, necklace etc.)
  • attempt to repair or adjust carried out not by authorized service centers.
  • product is not used in accordance with instruction/operation manual which exceed the Watch manufacturer's water resistance guidelines.


What we will do?

For Watch defects covered by this limited warranty, the service center will have your defective Watch repaired, adjusted and/or replaced (at our option) without charge to the recipient when watch is returned prepaid postage and insured (US$10). Do not send watch box as it will not be returned.

How to obtain service?

To obtain instructions on how to obtain service under this warrants please contact customer service by email at or send us information on the Contact Us page.

Please include a brief description of the problem, your email, phone number and return address when you send back the Watch according to our return address