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About Us is an affiliate company of the Atlantic Precision Watch Company

Starting in the year 2000, RF engineers of the New York Standard Watch Company, LCC in their China factory improved the old Atomic Clock Technology (named Radio Controlled Clock in Europe, UK and Japan) and reduced the size of the module smaller and more sensitive to be used in wristwatches. APW (Atlantic Precision Watch Co.) Atomic Watches sets itself by using an internal antenna that receives time and calendar data over the air from transmitters in Colorado, Germany and UK. The Atomic Watch changes to Daylight Saving Time automatically.


With continuing efforts on Research and Development, the NYSW has designed and introduced a wide range of new generation talking watches that aids people in need for an easier life. Blind or visually impaired people benefit from our Atomic Talking watch which is the first in the world that sets itself. Since the launching of our advanced VHAS (Voice and Hands Are always Synchronized) Talking Watch, the generic talking watch is always able to synchronize voice and hands. The VHAS technology makes use of one battery and a single quartz crystal to control the timekeeping for both the voice and hands. By doing this, the user will always have the same accurate time for both voice and the analog hands. NYSW developed the most advanced solar power atomic talking watch to reduce the difficulty of battery replacement for our aids-needed customers. An advanced solar power vibration analog-digital alarm watch has recently been added to the NYSW collection in order to aid the deaf customers. All these advanced talking and vibration alarm watches are sub-branded as FIVE SENSES.

About CoolFire

Coolfire is a young sub-brand of NYSW. Fashion and leisure lifestyle reflects its design theme.

About Resurrection also represents other brands. One of the brands is the Resurrection, which is an Electronic Rosary. The other is the Divine Mercy Hour reminder. These two are the main product lines for the Resurrection brand. They are very useful tools for Christian religious people in their daily prayers. Visit for details.