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Best Talking Watches

The best Talking Watches give users peace of mind knowing they can hear the time announced with the press of a button. Choose a basic model for time only, a talking watch with advanced features such as an hourly time report, talking alarms and calendar, or even a talking atomic watch that sets itself!  

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Great Solution to Charging your solar watches when the sun isn't an option

Great Solution to Charging your watches when the sun isn't an option. Coolfire Solar Watch Charger. Here's my review of the device. Works with G-shock, Seiko, Garmin, Edifice, and much more The solar panel on the watch needs light to get charged. Products like CoolFire Watch Charger helps but before we get into the question, how to charge a solar watch without sun, it is important that you understand the basic concept of light. Keep charging the watch every month. Never allow the battery drops to empty .If the watch stops due to low battery and if it not charged in time then...

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